Meaning of Life

The meaning of life to me means taking responsibility to find the right answers to life’s problems and to fulfil the tasks which it constantly sets for me. This has helped me form my destiny and give me perspective and direction. This will be different and unique for each person. No situation is the same and each situation calls for a different response. We must ask ourselves, what does life expect from me. There is always something in our future that is expected from us. Be it a father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife or friend, the questions are always being asked. We live in the hope that we can achieve our dreams. If we are without hope it leads to a decline resulting in a death, of our dreams our future and last of all our life purpose. We must not lose hope but remain courageous in whatever we are facing. To inspire courage we have to look forward into the future.  A future success and from that point we work our way back. This will give us a map towards our destiny. This will help bridge the gap between what you are to what you can become. We understand that we are becoming, we are always becoming and can never slow down. Everyone has his own specific calling, their mission in life that demands fulfilment. Every situation they face they do so in light of their mission and through this they find the strength to overcome obstacles. I don’t question life but I now allow life to continually questions me. My vision helps me define my answer. I followed the footprints and they led me to a love so real and dynamic it has redefined me. I am what I am through the choices I have made and continue to make.