To live is to choose. But to choose well,
you must know who you are and what you stand for,
where you want to go and why you want to get there.
– Kofi Annan

My name is Basil Reynolds. I was the founding member of the London Rhyme Syndicate a pioneering Hip Hop group in the eighties. We featured on the successful single ‘it is time to get funky’ with D-Mob. I have led and successfully developed and managed a range of projects for young artists where I focus on strategies to support them towards achieving their career and personal targets. I am equipped to use various tools to help realise and unlock potential. I have worked in partnership with LIMF Academy to support potential musicians/creatives to overcome any limiting beliefs that may hinder them working at their optimum level. Having experienced a successful career in music, this has enabled me to transition my experience so now I motivate, develop and inspire new talent. I am able to work one to one, in groups, develop workshops, sit on panels to best suit the working environment. The goal is always the same to help the individual realise their best self.

You have a prodigious dream, but you’re not there yet. Your passionate about what you do, but you sense your only scratching the surface. What if I said you can have a bigger dream; be more passionate. What if I said it’s possible to function in the best version of yourself. What would your life be with more passion, a bigger dream, a defined purpose? What would it mean to be able to define your life messages?

Is there a difference between who you are and who you want to be?

Are you defined by what you do or who you are?

Life coaches aim to help you unleash your innate talent by removing obstacles from your path!

Iwant to understand who you are and what you want, and then help you build a map to take you from point A to point B. And if you are determined to make your life be what you were designed to be, this is for you.

This process offers

  • A means to discover what is most important to you in your life.
  • To design a plan to achieve those things.
  • We’ll work with you to eliminate any obstacles or blockages that stand in your way.
  • I will partner with you all the way to success.


“Your life purpose can get you up in the morning. It can give you the strength to overcome obstacles and setbacks. It can guide life decisions, influence behavior, it can shape your goals and create meaning.” REYNOLDS

I am trained to ask the right questions to have access to the right tools and techniques to empower you to find those answers within yourself.

You are the only expert in your life who truly knows who you are and what you need. You are the only one who can recognize what is best for you. As your coach, I will help you discover what your own personal “best” might be. Every day we make choices to do or not do many things. I will help you discover the choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life.

I will help you connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion and dreams into action.

If you would benefit from having your dreams activated. If you would benefit from having more passion and a defined purpose. I am available to come and share the benefits of life coaching and the positive impact it can have on our future. I will develop a personal road map to activate your best self. If you want to discover your life purpose and activate a better version of yourself, contact me via email:

“Basil Reynolds’ Personal Development sessions have been great for our project. Tackling the main personal challenges and hurdles our talented clients are facing. Re-aligning their processes and practices, this has allowed them to develop a renewed energy and approach to their careers and personal development. The results can be seen immediately – as they have all moved forward with clarity and focus not seen before. Concurrently, he has helped raise our project’s dedication to development and impact. We strongly recommend Basil Reynolds for your personal development and life coaching needs” Yaw Owusu – Director, The LIMF Academy 

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