From the heart for the heart

We celebrate resilience and are encouraged when individuals overcome against the odds. We cheer on the underdog even though we haven’t followed the progress. What do these concepts stir up inside us? What does it say about how we feel about ourselves. For some the concept of the underdog is passed on from our environment. Our aspirations are set by them and the educational structure that builds us. We are never taught about money, it’s value, how it is used and invested. We are taught to be a part of the workforce. Within this narrow lane, creatives struggle to think so limited. We equate intelligence to what is a function of our memory. This keeps many trapped without the skills to navigate a way beyond the poverty trap. Poverty can be a mindset established by generations of struggle. We can’t do the same things and expect different results. When you lack the ability to problem solve and think critically, you lack the skills to escape the poverty trap. An entrepreneur thinks outside the box, we must develop an entrepreneurial mind in all we do.

Your art is not about how many people like your work. Your art is about the heart. It’s about how honest you are with yourself. Never trade your identity for someone else’s idea of success. You set the parameters of success and those measurements always lie within you. Your art lies within you, that creative spark that energises you on a daily basis is within you. When you tap into that energy you are not framed by disappointment or how many people liked your work. You are framed by your heart. You understand the world needs your uniqueness, it needs you!

As a creative, you take me on a journey, I want to identify on an emotional level with your masterpiece. Heart recognises heart and has the unique way of making your creation timeless. It transcends boundary’s and cultures as hearts connect hearts. Art is in the heart and from the heart and for the heart.