Footprints in the Concrete

Footprints in the concrete is from Top of the pops to the top with my Pops. “In the summer of 1989 I was standing on stage getting ready to be filmed for the hit pop show that was ‘Top of the Pops.’ Nicky Campbell introduced us the London Rhyme Syndicate and it was lights, camera, action. It felt like all eyes were on me as the music filled the air creating the type of atmosphere that I thrived in. A musician must make music, a poet relays emotion with words you can see and feel, a storyteller tells the story that is within them, an artist reveals what he sees inside himself, an advocate stands in defence of those in need of support. A teacher is the one who sees life as his classroom, they must all be what they have been made to be. We can get lost like a piece of a puzzle trying to force ourselves into someone else’s picture. We can’t see the bigger picture and lose our place within our personal story. This can have a dramatic effect on our well-being, we are made for a divine purpose.”

This is, Footprints in the Concrete. It is a story that will take you from the stage in packed venues to a life changing love. I am Basil Reynolds formally known as KG DEMO of the London Rhyme Syndicate who is now known as REYNOLDS. Raised by Jamaican parents who arrived into the UK during the Windrush migration settling in Harlesden, London. Their struggle and sense of pride will always be a source of strength that motivates me. Their unwavering faith always provided me an anchor during my stormiest times. I found myself through hip hop and Jesus, for me it was the perfect mixture. I am one of the UK’s hip-hop pioneers from the early eighty’s scene. I gave my life to Jesus in 93 and have gone on to be licensed minister, church planter and life coach.

We made something out of nothing, and now that nothing has come to define an entire era. In language, fashion, attitudes, and art. It gives an account of the golden era of UK rap and the struggles I faced. All I wanted was to be a voice in this new emerging scene, that I lived and breathed. But my story is small and there is a bigger story in play. A story that would define my uniqueness and identity, a story that would provide peace where there was anger. Jesus came so that I could live, that truth set me free. Now I choose to be free and be what God has called me to be. This story is written to inspire a generation into walking in their purpose. Discovering their passion and realising their destiny. If you look carefully you can see the footprints in the concrete.