We were not just made. What I mean is, just made hints it was off the cuff moment. We just made it to work on time. We made it happen, we are not reactions but a response. We are a response of love. We are not just a part of this beautiful creation but it’s crowning glory. Creation has been abused and only now are we trying to treat it with the love and care we should have been. No, we are not just a part, but we are the best of it, the masterpiece. If you know anything about a masterpiece it’s not just thrown together but thought is put into it. Every detail is carefully thought through and is perfect in the creator’s eye, only this qualifies it to be a masterpiece. This masterpiece, you and I are then born into a broken world, broken community’s and for some broken families. The reality is, when something is broken stuff may leak through the cracks. Pain, hurt, abuse, hatred, judgement, bullying, fear, jealousy and all that stuff that poisons. We then measure our self-worth with the wrong unit of measurement, by the stuff that leaked through. Always remember that we are made by design and the biggest limiting belief is that we are lacking something. This broken world has taken from us, damaged us, but we can be restored. Now the battle is on, We the pride of creation, gifted to live a life of love and purpose. Made to function as human beings not human doings have our identity attacked again and again and again. We are forced fed what beauty must look like, on the screen and in print. We are force fed what success looks like, we are force fed what it takes to be accepted. All the while your true identity is being attacked. These limiting beliefs get stronger as some may suffer abuse as their self-worth is limited. Some may suffer rejection due to their culture or social, economic standing. Like a frog in boiling water we become less of what we were created to be. It’s a trap we are not free to be, this broken world values the doers. They want our identity in what we do not who we are. I’m a teacher, a rapper, doctor or lawyer. The foundation is not stable, we are more than that. We buy into the limiting theology as we limit ourselves and others. Inside we have an aching, we know there’s something more. We know we are not satisfied but we are afraid to share our hearts desire because if that is limited we have nothing. We hide our dreams deep within and slog away day to day losing ourselves in the process. But I say identity is the launchpad for destiny. We need to remember who we are. A masterpiece the crown of creation. The things we are passionate about are a clue to our purpose. That dream is inside us, so we can find our way, it’s our internal gps towards our purpose and being. This broken world is always asking questions that limit us, but we are destined for more. The world says your ugly and offers you some product. In truth you are beautiful by design created to bring joy. We are more than we have been conditioned to feel, we are those who bring value to others and our community. Even though it’s broken we don’t need to buy into its brokenness but our being calling is to be who we are, ourselves. Bring value wherever you are, if this broken world has you twisted, don’t give up or give in. It’s in you, it’s in all of us. Our creator left a little bit of him in each of us. This light must shine, through our creative gifting. He gave us the gift of free will.  We choose our attitude in every situation. There is a gap between stimulus and response. This is what makes our lives meaningful, it is this freedom that cannot be taken away. Our behavior is a function of our decisions not our conditions. It is our responsibility to make things happen. Responsibility is the ability to choose your response. Our behavior is our own conscious choice based on values, rather than our environment, which is based on feelings. We empower what controls us. Reactive people are influenced by their environment. Proactive people are value driven. Reactive people allow the weakness of others to control them. They build their emotional lives around the behavior of others. Proactive people sift their impulses through their values. I am what I am by the choices I make. It’s not what happens to us, but our response to what happens to us that hurts us. Reactive people focus on weaknesses, problems and circumstances outside their control. But today we understand who we are, and we are created to be dynamic, powerful, and beautiful. It’s a choice, it’s always a choice. I have a light inside and I was made to shine!