Be what you believe

I heard someone say you can only be it if you see it. People will encourage you by saying ‘make that dream a reality.’ Believing is seeing, at times is the only way we can be all that we have been made to be. Sometimes all you have is a dream, formed in the quiet place of your heart. It hasn’t been spoken about, but you see it whenever you have the space to imagine. We believe for something that when you look at the facts, you have no evidence in the natural to back up your belief. You’re not skilled in that area, you don’t have the experience or training. All you have is your dream. First you must see the invisible before you can do the impossible!

Every negative response, critical word attacks our dream and can weaken your resolve. Believing you can will keep you pushing so you can maintain forward momentum. Negative words attack our confidence, so we don’t step out and be as effective as we could. Our battle is to keep on believing and not to settle for what we see. At times people tell you what they see, this can be limiting. The biggest negative voice that limits us can be ourselves. I can’t, it won’t work, I’m not that good. It is within this testing that our dreams can be refined, if we stay in the process. An old-fashioned Blacksmith would heat the metal until it was so hot that the dross and impurities would burn away. Sometimes it gets so hot that we give up, we let go. So many things had the title never been done, but someone stayed in the process, rode the waves of negativity until their dream became a reality. 

It’s not enough if all you do is dream, you must act upon it. Success is not a chance happening, but small decisions made on purpose. Adjustments to attitude and lifestyle and positioning yourself for success. First you see your dream, imagine what it looks like. When you can see it, work backwards and set goals to fulfil it. Goal setting must be targeted and strategic.  It must lead towards the dream and its fulfilment. It’s time to get busy! Busy people haven’t got time for negativity or negative people. If they aren’t rowing in your direction, they need to get out of the boat. You need to focus on the things that reinforce your creative gifting. What is at stake for you? Don’t allow anything to mess with it. Every opportunity before you is a doorway to a greater experience.

Verbalising your dream can have the dramatic effect of blowing away the doubt and frustration of your past. It can help you to step away from the issue that had you broken and step into the process that can shape you. Failure is often the stepping stone to success as long as you stay in it. As soon as you decide to believe your dream can be realised. At times we must confront our self-image, I don’t look or sound like what is popular. In the midst of it all, all you can do is keep on keeping on, in the face of discouragement all you can do is keep on singing, writing, being the creative soul, you are destined to be. In the face of criticism and being misunderstood remember your dream and how it makes you feel. When people tell you to get real, tell them you’re being as real can be real. Your worried about your self-image, you don’t want to look crazy, you must understand you do not want to miss out on your dream because of someone else’s unreal expectations. We all have a set of beliefs that define us, who we are and what we can or will not do. Our beliefs about ourselves are the strongest force shaping our lives. Our belief will dictate our behavior.

‘If you don’t know where your going any road will take you there.’

Close your eyes and imagine, see what your success looks like, feels like. Then make that dream a reality.